About the Artist 

I spent my childhood in shared time between my parents farm and the local Art Center where my mom was Pottery Coordinator.  Spending days surrounded by creative souls was an incredible experience.  At that time, the Art Center where my mom worked was attached to the College Of Wooster and the studio was in the basement of the Art Building.  All day, every day there were art professors, college students and real life trying-to-make-a-go-of-it artists around.  We mostly had free reign of the place and my memories from that time are incredibly rich.  School was a bit rough for me, but I did thrive as an artist and as an athlete.  I gave college a go, and made it though well enough, but had more success on the track and the cross country course than I ever did in the classroom.  I graduated with a degree in Anthropology and no idea how to use it.  I moved to Washington DC to give life a try there, and spent that time waitressing and bartending and coming to finally understand I would never be able to hold a "real job".  Back to the farm in Ohio I went, and back to the (now moved) local Art Center.  At 24, I bought a small farm and asked my father for a 5k loan to open a pottery studio and gallery in Downtown Wooster.  I have been making pots for almost 25 years now, although my husband Mike and I have added 4 kids, a new farm, a different studio and 6 restaurants to the mix.  This website is a way for me to juggle all the balls I have up in the air and to work from a small studio here on our farm.  It is a middle ground for all of us.  

I still remember my dear friend Rachel @